Fuel Economy Tips That Budget-Conscious Drivers Can Appreciate

Some cars always seem to need more gas. Surprisingly, mileage isn't solely determined by the vehicle make or model that you own. There are many different factors that ultimately determine just how far Panama City drivers can go on a single gallon. At Bay Hyundai, we want motorists to know all that they can about saving gas and saving money.

Weather Extremes Can Have A Significant Impact On Fuel Economy

Extremely hot and cold weather will definitely affect the way that your car burns gas. For instance, your vehicle will have far more aerodynamic drag when moving through excessively cold, dense air than it will when being operated during the temperate months of spring. You'll also spend a lot more on gas when the outside temperatures are stifling and your air conditioner is running constantly. The best way to save when the weather grows severe is by commuting more, and by planning your excursions strategically.

Tire Maintenance Matters

Driving on under-inflated tires will keep you at the pump. Practicing good maintenance is essential for enjoying high levels of efficiency from your car. One of the most important aspects of this maintenance is ensuring that your tries are balanced, properly inflated, and bearing goods tread. Learn more about fuel efficiency and shop our inventory of efficient vehicles by visiting Bay Hyundai.


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