Floor Mats: All Weather vs. Carpet

Are you having a hard time deciding which floor mats to put in your newly purchased vehicle? Here at Bay Hyundai, we want you to be an informed vehicle owner. Here are a few pros and cons of selecting all-weather floor mats between carpet ones.

ll-Weather Mats

All-weather floor mats work great for keeping the mess and water out of the car. Even though they are a little bit pricier than carpet floor mats you won't regret having an all-weather mat in your vehicle to resist the water and dirt and easily clean off with the quick spray of a hose.

?Carpet Floor Mats

Carpet floor mats are a great option for not spending so much money and still covering up the floors on your vehicle. Because it's good to have something to put your feet down on while driving, right? Contact us for any other floor mat questions, or to purchase new floor mats visit us in Panama City.


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